What Are Wellness Wednesdays And Why Do They Really Matter?

Last month, we launched our very first Wellness Wednesday event with the lovely Linda Chambers Cochrane led, or @Lichi_hybridsoul as she goes by on Instagram.

The session was about therapeutic vibrations and sound frequencies that come with Sound Healing and according to Linda, this helps restore the body's natural balance into a state of peace and harmony! So naturally, our interest peaked, and we had to book another session just for the LC team!


So how did the session go? Well, we all had to lie down on a yoga mat (which you can also purchase in our boutique!) and get real cosy. Some of the LC team brought pillows, a blanket and even their favourite eye mask and soon enough, we were all in a state of complete zen, listening to the sounds vibrating from the instruments. Linda Cochrane, who led the session and who’s a certified Sound Healing practitioner, describes the process as a “meditative sound therapy to cure blockages that can result when the body is out of balance". We couldn’t help and agree that we’ve put together a list of mind-soothing benefits to show you what the practice can offer !

1. It's super relaxing!

Not be a Captain Obvious, but relaxation is one of the most significant and universal benefits of Sound Healing. With so much going on in the world around us, we can certainly use some positive vibes to help restore our body's natural state of balance.

2. It unleashes your creative juices.

It has been said that through the power of sound frequency, you will be able to access greater levels of clarity, creativity and reach a heightened state of inner transformation! It brings about your natural creative flair by helping you stay inspired and focused.

3. It supports your emotional, physical wellbeing.

Sound therapy has been known to help treat everyday stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders! And we kid you not, one of our LC team members fell asleep during the session and had to be awakened up!

4. It helps clear any energy blockages.

It offers deep healing and harmful energy cleansing as the sound vibrations synchronise with our brain waves and permeate into our system, returning it to harmony!

Here at the LC HQ, we're all about restoration and replenishing energy so much that we encourage you to sign up for our bi-monthly events of Wellness Wednesdays, where we aim to bring about wellness to the mind, body and soul! Let’s go! Book your spot by emailing us at events@lcouture.com!