The most inspirational and exciting week in July

Event season is back, bigger and better than ever! With back-to-back travels from LA to London and back to LA again, the LC team has done it again, and it's been a whirlwind of emotions, packed schedules, meeting influential women and overall experiencing a fulfilling journey of gaining smiles, wishes, positive reviews. Oh and, did we mention Jessica Alba posted about us?

In case you missed it from our IG stories, we've rounded up the top major events that happened during the week!

1. Hosting A Morning of Wellness and Meditation in London

As part of our Elevate and Energy launch in the UK, we had hosted a meditation morning with breakfast at the prestigious Pavilion club in Knightsbridge, London. It was such a fun and fulfilling morning being with the ladies that shape and strengthen London's health and wellness scene. The flow was an energising 'yin yoga' and meditation breath-work instructed by Yoga and Wellness expert Francesca Secolonovo followed by a relaxing and soul-fulfilling Sound Healing class led by Alexandra from Soulful Sound Healing. Overall, everyone left for the day feeling happy, refreshed and energised! So much that we received positive reviews and testimonials such as:

"The Serenity Seamless pieces are amazing, the most comfortable set I have worn and thank you so much for thinking of me for the event. It was lovely" - Kate Tik, CO-founder and CMO of a self-care and wellness brand based out of London.

"The fit on the leggings are amazing, flattering, and so soft. My favourite piece is the green pullover from the Serenity Seamless collection. Everything about it is great, the detailing on the sleeve, the length, the zip and material - I love it! Both the instructors were great. Thank you so much for inviting me to this. I needed those hip stretches from the Yin session. This was just the best treat a new mum could ask for". - Jasmine Hemsley, expecting mom and Founder of an Ayurveda and wellness company.

2. #KreatingKinrgy in LA

To kick-off the last week of July, we partnered with Kinrgy, a studio based out of LA, to launch their Move. Breathe. Express meditation inspired movement class IRL. All guests were dressed in Vitality and Energy sets and danced gracefully to the sounds and rhythmic beats of the #KreatingKinrgy class.

Award-winning Choreographer and Co-Founder of Kinrgy Julianne Hough was herself dressed in the White Vitality set and looked like a true angel, along with Emily DiDonato, Founder of simple and effective skin-care brand Covey, was also dressed in the Ibiza Blue Energy and looked equally gorgeous. We're calling it now when LC and Kinrgy come together, magic happens!

3. Organising a Healing Crystals class back at LC HQ

Back at LC HQ in Dubai, the thrill of the event season was equally infectious, as we hosted the third edition of our Wellness Wednesday session featuring a panel talk on an introduction to the various types of crystals with Miche Whitehouse or as she goes by Moon. Kin Apothecary on IG! Stay tuned for the next Wellness Wednesday session, which is an evening of Meditation with the fabulous ladies at House of Wellness. Confirm your space by emailing us at

4. Jessica Alba mentioning us!

There's nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning to a mention by Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company, who graciously featured our Serenity Seamless sets on her Instagram stories. Can it get any better than this? Actually, hold that thought.